Postal Code Zip United States of America

Postal Code ZIP ✉️ United States of America

The postal code is the last means of identifying humanity’s residence in the world. This code carries with it the country and state numbers. Without it, you will not be able to open any electronic account or bank account, and you will not be able to receive messages inside or outside the country, and even people who work on the Internet and want to prove their information. To receive money from the work you do, you must provide the correct postal code, but today we will provide help in identifying an American postal code because a very large number of Arabs are searching for the Postal code ZIP code USA.

If you live in America, you must know the American postal code. Without it, you will not be able to receive messages and identify the correct destination. The reason is that the postal code is considered a system that all postal service centers in the world depend on. For example, you want to send a message. You directly write the name and address accompanied by the postal code. You will say that we are in the era of social sites and we do not need to send a message through the postman. Yes, you are right, but the electricity, water, Internet, bank, tax, and other bills must include the postal code to make it easier for the postman to deliver it to your door.

Postal Code Zip United States of America

Postal code ZIP code USA

In this topic, we will not talk about the postal code for all countries and how to find them, but what we will share with you is the postal code for America, and not just one code, but a very large number of states, mentioning many information that may be useful to you in your work, but what Searching for postal codes for other countries. The process is very easy and consists of a word like this phrase ( Morocco postal code - Egypt postal code ..) so you will find a large number of The sites provide the appropriate mail for your country and city as well.

History of zip codes of the United States of America

The history of the postal code in the United States of America began in 1963 AD, and the reason behind the creation of the postal code law was the Philadelphia Postal Inspector "Robert Moon" ; Because he began to notice that civilization in America began to expand more and more, and that the American postal services system was outdated and this system must be changed, after which it was given the name "zip" An abbreviation for "Area Improvement Plan".  

After things developed and they had a new postal code system in America, things became more efficient and faster. This code consists of numbers consisting of five digits, and each of these numbers relates to a specific address in the United States of America.

In 1983, the population of the United States became very large, and the policy of the postal code system must be changed to facilitate the process and be clear to everyone. In fact, a wonderful idea was reached to solve this problem by adding the number of postal packages + 4 " zip+4 " Thus, the postal code now consists of 9 digits, capable of specifying a number of details, to the point that you can now determine the number of the building to which it is sent in America.

America zip code

I will share with you a very large number of postal codes for the United States onour website irbahnet, but we will first introduce you to the most famous cities in America, after which we will enter In presenting a large number of cities for your benefit.  

Zip code in Washington : The city of Washington, which both young and old have heard of, is a city located on the beach and its area is estimated at one hundred and seventy-seven thousand square kilometers, and this city is a tourist destination that a very large number of people go to. People around the world because it includes a large number of tourist attractions, although it is also a commercial, economic and political center. Moreover, it is a very large city. Its postal code ranges between (98004-98009 ).  

Zip code in New York : New York New York is one of the most populous cities in America, and it is also the largest city in the United States of America, and it is not limited only to the number of population and large area, but it is One of the most influential in the fields of commerce and finance, media, art, fashion, science and technology, education, entertainment and tourism. The zip code ranges between ( 10001-10048 ).

Los Angeles Zip Code : The city of Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California, and it is also the second most densely populated city in the United States of America. The city is considered one of the most important cultural centers , economic, and scientific in the United States. Its zip code ranges between (70112-70119) .


Alabama (AL)

Area code: 205-251 -- 256-334

main cities :

1, (Birmingham)

Zip code: 35201 ~ ~ 35238,35240,35242 35246,35249,35253 ~ ~ 35255,35259 35261,35263,35266,35277 ~ ~ 35283,35285 35299

2, (Montgomery)

Zip code: 36101 ~ ~ 36125,36130 6135,36140 ~ 36142,36177,36191

3, (Huntsville)

Zip code: 35801 ~ ~ 35816,35824,35893 35899

4, (Tuscaloosa)

Zip code: 35401 ~ ~ 35407,35485 35487

5, (mobile)

Zip code: 36601 ~ ~ 36628,36630 36633,36640,36641,36644,36652,36660,36663,36670,36671,36675,36685,36688 ~ 36691,36693,36695


Alaska (AK)

Area code: 907

main cities :

1, (Juno)

Zip code: 99801 ~ 99803,99811,99850

2, (Anchorage)

Zip code: 99501 ~ ~ 99504,99507 99599,99695

3 Fairbanks,()

Zip code: 99701,99706 ~ 99712,99775,99790


Arizona (AZ)

Area code: 480 -- 520-602 -- 623-928

Main cites:

1, (Phoenix)

Zip code: 85001 ~ ~ 85046,85048,85050,85051,85053 85055,85060 ~ 85080,85082,85085,85086,85098,85099

2, (Tucson)

Zip code: 85701 ~ 85726,85728,85730,85737,85739,85752,85754,85775,85777

3, (mesa)

Zip code: 85201 85208,85210 85216,85274,85275,85277 ~!

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