11 specifications of a successful electronic blog

11 specifications of a successful electronic blog (How to succeed in blogging) 

11 specifications of a successful electronic blog

How do you succeed in blogging? This question is among the most frequently asked by many beginners in the field of blogging.

There are millions of blogs on the Internet, but the problem is that a very small percentage of these blogs are successful and achieve very large monthly profits.

Blog owners often lack a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of a successful blog, and believe that all they need to do is write a few articles and publish them.

In this article, we will learn about the 11 most important characteristics that you must have in order for your blog to achieve great success.

Specifications of a successful electronic blog 

Among the most important specifications of a successful electronic blog is that the content be compatible with the goal of the blog and attention to the five basic elements of writing a professional article online... etc., and all of this and more we will learn about in detail in this article.

If you want to start making a profit from blogging and succeed in this complex field, which some consider extremely difficult, then follow this article with me until the end.

1. The content of the blog must be consistent with its purpose

In fact, there are multiple goals for having a blog on the Internet, and the goal of creating an electronic blog could be direct profit from advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling your digital products such as books or courses.

Each of these goals that you have identified requires a specific strategy to attract the appropriate audience. For example, if you own a website design company, the best type of content is those articles that provide advice and information in the field of website design.

Therefore, the first step in order to profit from your blog is to determine the goal of creating it.

2. Blog content is written based on studying the customer’s personality 

In fact, the important specification for your blog to succeed lies in directing each piece of content to a specific customer personality and communicating with him in a manner that suits him.

For example, if the content of your blog is making money from the Internet, then if you want to write an article about the best profitable projects on the Internet for women, then the ideal client here are women who are between 22 and 35 years old and want to change their lives by creating a specific project, and you must You use a tactful and good style while writing the article.

3. Create content that suits the purchasing stage that the visitor is going through

It is clear from the following image that every person goes through a set of stages (awareness - thinking - making the decision to purchase) when purchasing any new product.

In successful blogs in any field, you find comprehensive coverage of the customer’s needs at every stage, which is what you must work on in your blog if the goal of that blog is to sell services and products.

Try to imagine yourself on the client's website in order to discover the questions and topics that may occupy his mind, and thus you will create content that achieves your goals.

4. Pay attention to the 5 main elements of writing any article on the Internet

There are five essential elements to writing a successful online article:

1. Headline : It must be attractive and arouse the reader’s interest so that he is drawn to reading.

2. Introduction : It should aim to give the reader an incentive to continue reading by showing the benefit he will get.

3. Body of content : It must be organized and arranged with the use of sub-headings and sub-headings.

4. Conclusion : It provides a comprehensive summary of the topic and may also contain advice or important points.

5. Call to Action (CTA) : The fifth element is very important and is used at the end of the article to direct the reader to take a specific action, such as commenting on the article...etc.

Therefore, if you want to profit from blogging and you are asking about how to succeed in blogging, you, dear follower, must rely on these five points to write a successful and professional article.

5. Adjust the content in order to increase the CTR for each article

The term CTR is simply the ratio of clicks on your article compared to the number of views it receives.

For example, suppose there is an article in the search results that is displayed to 1,000 people. What is the percentage of people who clicked on the article link? This ratio represents CTR .

Google and other search engines rely on CTR to evaluate content, as it is one of the factors used by algorithms to determine the ranking of pages in search results.

To increase the CTR of your articles you can follow the following tips:

1. Apply SEO rules : This helps raise your articles to the first page of search results.

 2. Adjust the title : Use numbers and strong words without forgetting the semantic words.

4. Using influential words : In fact, these words enhance the attractiveness of the article, such as “secrets”, “strategies”, “solutions”...etc.

In addition, it is best for the article description to be limited to between 120 and 158 characters. This is a set of points that you must work on in order to profit from the blog and succeed in the field of blogging in general.

6. Create content around keywords that generate profits

You must be well-versed in the basics of keyword research. In the world of content creation, I believe that targeting winning keywords is the essence of blogging success. 

For example, let's say you work in the car insurance field, you will find that words such as "how to insure cars" or "car insurance" have the highest search rates in addition to the higher CPC for advertisers and therefore the competition for them is more fierce.

But with just a light search, you will find other words related to the same topic that carry less research and competition, such as:

- How to calculate car insurance.

- Types of car insurance.

- Conditions of the car insurance policy.

The question here is: Which of these keywords should be your main target? If your blog is new, the second choice is the best choice for you, and if you provide unique content and your site is somewhat old, then you should choose the first choice because you will gain the trust of search engines over time, which will bring you more visits and profits at the lowest costs.

Therefore, in order to profit from blogging and make a profit from the Internet through your blog, I advise you to choose keywords that are appropriate for you according to your situation and goal.

7. The presence of a personal touch in the content

When you present a simple story, share your personal experiences, or sometimes even incorporate humor, the reader becomes more connected to you, and feels that you are a real person sharing his experiences with people.

This method shows the reader that you fully understand what they are going through and that you are truly trying to help them, which is the essence of any article you publish on your blog.

Therefore, try introducing this type of personal touch into your articles, as this advice is based on personal experience. One of the points I advise you to do if you are asking about how to succeed in a blog is to incorporate some humor and share your own experiences from time to time.

8. Blog content must be original

One of the most important components of the success of an electronic blog is providing unique and original content in an innovative and distinctive manner.

Even if your topics are already circulating on the web, they must be presented in a different way. For example, what you are reading now is not the first article of its kind on the Internet, but our difference lies in the way we present the information.

Therefore, you must provide original content that is not stolen or copied in order to succeed in profiting from the blog.

9. Exploiting social media sites to promote the blog 

Any successful blog cannot do without social media platforms such as Facebook, etc., because these platforms are considered an important and essential source for obtaining visitors to your website and blog.

But there are things that should be avoided, for example, insistence and the use of annoying methods, such as randomly promoting the blog everywhere. 

In order to start earning money from the Internet through a blog, you must use social media platforms to promote the blog.

10. Clarity of the blog structure 

Splitting the blog well is considered a simple matter and at the same time very important, but many blog owners ignore this step despite its importance in improving the visitor’s experience and the amount of time he spends on the site (Dwell Time).

You should also pay attention to the bottom section of the blog (Footer), where you should place contact information and important links that visitors are constantly looking for.

11. Use the blog to create a strong brand that visitors trust

In order to profit from blogging and succeed in it, you must work to create a distinctive and strong brand that people trust, and avoid publishing unreliable topics.

Therefore, if you want to create a successful blog and create a strong brand that people trust, you must publish articles and topics that are 100 percent reliable.

A brand is not just the use of specific colors or fonts, but rather an entity that takes a distinctive form with a purpose, vision, and character that distinguishes it.

This is why you must build a strong brand for yourself from day one to achieve the success of your blog.