How to bounce back in this period of uncertainty?

Answer: start a business online . Online businesses have continued to grow and have provided tremendous opportunities, whether to relaunch an existing business or to create a project from scratch. 

Overview with 11 business ideas to launch in 2024:

1 Start a blog

An old recipe from the Internet age but one that still works. 

Creating a website is today one of the simplest and most common actions to carry out. Many platforms allow you to launch a professional website in a few minutes and without any special technical skills required. 

Starting a blog can meet two objectives:

  • Passion  : you are passionate about a particular subject and want to talk about it, establish connections, create a community around certain issues that are important to you The blog remains the most effective platform for expressing yourself online.  

  • The opportunity  : launching a blog can also meet a more economic objective, for example, bringing traffic to your eshop through the use of keywords in your blog. 

These two objectives are obviously complementary. A blog, if it is well maintained and regularly updated, can easily earn you money in the long term The main sources of income are those from online advertising, ancillary sales of products/services and possible partnerships resulting from this activity.

You do not know where to start ? Follow our step-by-step guide:  how to create a website?

2 Sell homemade products

Do you spend your free time cooking, making jewelry or even tinkering with all kinds of objects? What if your hobby became a professional activity?

Selling homemade products is the perfect way to combine passion and work. This requires some organization upstream: 

  • What ingredients/products/materials will you need? Take inventory

  • Where will you manage your inventory? From your home or elsewhere? 

  • Managing shipments and deliveries: how much will it cost you? Are you thinking about international or local deliveries to start?

You have the opportunity to control the entire “production line” from start to finish, take advantage of it! Adapt your products to your audience, optimize as much as possible and you will be able to achieve fairly profitable margins. 

And to the question where to sell your products, the answer is simple:  create a website  in no time or go through online sales platforms like Etsy which particularly highlights creative products that are homemade. Marketing on Etsy is special and requires real strategies. Do not hesitate, if you want to open your store on the platform, to call on an  Etsy expert .

3 Le dropshipping

Did you know that you can have an  online store  without having to manage any inventory or ship any orders? This is dropshipping. 

A supplier manages the products of a third-party distributor, stores them and then ships them to customers, on behalf of the third party in question. This same third party then receives a commission on each sale.

However, be careful to choose the dropshipping supplier carefully so as not to harm your business and reputation in the event of a problem. 

As a distributor, you focus and bear the marketing costs, but by targeting your audience correctly, you will be able to multiply the number of sales very quickly.

Do not hesitate to browse our services to learn more about all the steps relating to  dropshipping .

4 Print-on-demand business

A particular activity which resembles dropshipping and which works quite well, particularly with a well-defined niche audience. For example, fans of a group or style of music, fans of sports, TV series or cinema etc.

Print-on-demand is an order management method in which items are printed and then shipped white label as soon as an order is placed.

You can thus send a wide range of products (t-shirts, mugs, books, pillows, hats, etc) without worrying, again, about any stock to manage.

And if you want to start a series of printing on demand t-shirts, do not hesitate to call on  our specialists in t-shirt design and other merchandising items .

5 Sell your expertise

There are not only products to sell. Services are also a quick way to start an online business. Several services such as  content writingweb designmarketing consulting and social media  are typical examples of the kind of service provision that can be launched easily and in no time. 

The key is to know how to organize your working time well so as not to be overwhelmed by demands and not be able to satisfy your customers. 

Do you have particular knowledge and expertise in one or more areas? Don't hesitate any longer and get started on  Fiverr  !

6 Give online courses

The year 2020 clearly demonstrated the importance of online learning. Whether in school and university or simply to occupy your free time by learning.

If selling your expertise is limited to the working time spent on a project, giving online courses can prove to be a very interesting additional income for you. By developing specific offers based on your expertise, you bring additional sources of income to your activity. 

One-on-one training, online courses, white papers, downloadable reports, audiobooks, anything that can relate to your expertise and add value will benefit you.

Example  : you offer social media management services. It is relevant to also offer training according to levels, to provide reports on the latest trends in the sector, etc.

7 Affiliate marketing

Affiliation is a marketing technique which consists of promoting products or services by offering remuneration to other websites or to specific people, generally influencers. This sales concept is characterized by a commission based on success which is then paid by the seller. 

If you have a website, you can therefore subscribe to an affiliate program and belong to a network of partner websites in order to promote the products provided by an advertiser and receive income accordingly. 

The payment model is generally CPC (cost per click), cost per lead or cost per sale. It all depends on the nature of the products or services sold.

Affiliate marketing has a whole bunch of special techniques. In some cases, we recommend that you hire our  freelance affiliate marketing experts  who will take care of everything.

8 Get started in e-commerce

Two concepts need to be addressed here:

  • You want to launch a completely new online business  : for example, an online jewelry store. You will have to determine a business model (dropshipping or not?), find suppliers, market the jewelry, etc But the costs are much lower than an online store and your business can start thriving very quickly. 

  • Buy an existing e-commerce site  : websites are worth gold today. Buying a successful website, beyond being a good deal, constitutes a significant source of additional income Just be sure to evaluate each listing and consider everything that is included with the sale of the site.

9 Resell on Amazon

Again, this is another method of doing e-commerce. By selling on Amazon, you don't need to create an online store You benefit from the platform, which is very easy to use. You delegate all logistics, traffic management and user support to Amazon, which also takes care of payments and possible refunds. Regarding sales commissions for Amazon, know that they are rather reasonable and therefore allow you to maintain very decent income via this technique.

10 Start a podcast

The trendiest idea of ​​the moment. Are you passionate about a subject and want to talk about it? Do you prefer voice to writing? So, once again, go for it. 

Content creation (audio) is more interactive and less competitive than blogging, although the podcast market is growing Even more so if you choose to focus on niche subjects.

There's still time to seize the opportunity before the industry becomes entirely saturated and  start your own podcast . On this subject, check out our guide on  how to create a podcast .

11 Virtual Assistant 

The demand for  virtual assistance  has increased significantly since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic. With the increase in teleworking, the need for secretarial services, administrative services or specialized remote services is proving to be a real business opportunity A very promising sector with one advantage: you can launch your business without investing heavily at the start. If not in project management software at most. For the rest, clearly define your rates then put your organizational skills and your efficiency to the services of companies that need them.