Best 7 tricks to improve your site's ranking in search engines

The best 7 tricks to improve your Site's Ranking in Search Engines

Owning a blog or website is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet, through which you can make thousands of dollars, but it is not as easy as you think. Profiting from a blog means that this blog is at the top of the search engines, meaning that it gets a lot of visits. Today we will explain to you the 7 best tricks to improve your site’s ranking in search engines.


Best 7 tricks to improve your site's ranking in search engines
Top 7 tricks to improve your search engine rankings.

If you are one of the owners of electronic blogs, you are certainly always looking for ways to improve search engines and boost traffic to your website. In this article, I will show you seven ways through which you can improve search engine optimization (SEO) and boost traffic to your website.  

Your content

The basis of AdSense approval of your blog and its criteria through which it confirms whether your blog deserves to be ranked or not is the content of your blog and some other things that we can mention in simple points because they are technical things. One of the first and most important things that you should care about is that the content of your blog must be of high quality and compatible with SEO standards.

Although providing high-quality content requires a long explanation, I will tell you briefly that good content is the content that satisfies Google from a technical standpoint, and at the same time it must be flexible content that is compatible with the human mind and that the audience accepts and interacts with. They liked it too.

Features that must be available in your content

Also, your content must be characterized by a specific message, meaning that it must benefit your audience and community. You must provide valuable content that is not repetitive and is not similar in content to any other content. This does not mean that you invent something new, as you will not find a topic to talk about unless you have written about it more than one other blog. But always try to present the content in a different and distinct way. Completely avoid cutting and pasting, as this is considered a privacy violation according to Google.

Until this is done, I advise you to write in content that you love so that you can be creative in it without getting bored. Now that I have presented to you an overview of the content that will satisfy Google AdSense and an overview of the standards that you must adhere to in order for your blog to be successful, I will move you to our original topic, which is how to improve the overall search engines on your site, and below I will show you the seven steps in detail.  

Use keywords to improve rankings in search engines

To improve your site's ranking in search engines, you must use keywords strategically in your site's content. Here are some important steps.
  • Do in-depth research to choose the right keywords for your site content. You can use online keyword research tools to help you with this.
  • Write high-quality content and include keywords in the title, paragraphs, sub-headings, and internal links.
  • Use a variety of words related to your topic to expand the scope of your content.
  • Make sure your site runs fast, is mobile-friendly, and has a good link structure.
  • Social media can increase your site's exposure, so share your content on social media platforms.
  • Use web traffic analysis tools to monitor your site's performance and evaluate the impact of your strategy.
Remember to be strategic and persistent with your search engine ranking efforts , as this process can take time before you see tangible results.  

Convert traffic into AdSense traffic

In the beginning, before anything else, you must determine the type of content you want to present, and on this step everything will be built. I advise you to provide content that matches your intellectual inclinations. In other words, provide something that you love and are proficient in writing about to the degree that makes you creative in this field. This will rank you high in search engines. 

Choosing the type of content must not only be compatible with your inclinations, but it must also be compatible with the desires of the audience, as you must search for the topics most accepted by users and present them in a unique way that makes you a distinguished writer, and you must know that the continuation of your writing depends on the quality of what you present, so you must Providing content that visitors do not get tired of and that you personally do not tire of continuing with.

Use strong keywords to rank your site in search engines 

Using strong and distinctive keywords is one of the most powerful ways through which you can rank high in search engines  , as you must use strong and distinctive keywords and at the same time be among the sentences that the audience searches for, which is what always puts you on the first pages and improves traffic. For your site. 

Also, your use of strong keywords is the basis for creating successful content and helps the audience understand your content more clearly. This does not mean filling your page with keywords, because there is a percentage that you must adhere to that determines the way in which you can use keywords, whether they are main or subsidiary.

The importance of keyword research

As I mentioned before, keywords are among the basics of content success, but it is not that easy. In fact, finding strong and unique keywords requires a lot of effort and research so that you can identify the most important words and phrases that people use in searching through Google or through... Any other search engine.

Blog owners usually use keyword research tools to find the most famous and powerful sentences and words that users are searching for regarding a specific topic. This tool also helps them identify the words that there is the most competition for and alternative and similar words.

The importance of keywords to improve your ranking in search engines

Keywords are important in many uses, and below I will explain to you how important keywords are. Here is its importance.

  • Keywords indicate the basis of your content and serve to clarify as it is presented to your audience, whether it is a specific content or product.
  • Searching for keywords provides you with a lot of information about the words that are most relevant to your content and the most popular in search engines.
  • Through your research, you can determine the most common words that people use in search engines.
  • Researching and using specialized tools to search for keywords is more accurate than the assumptions that you will make.
  • Targeting strong and important keywords will help you rank high in search engines quickly, and your content will be classified according to the keywords you use.
  • Using strong, unique, and highly competitive keywords increases traffic to your site and increases the number of visits.

In short and clearly, keywords are the basis for determining the content you provide, through which the audience is also attracted and what they are looking for is clearly defined. Therefore, you must be diligent in searching for strong and unique keywords for your content.

Choose the right tools 

Now that you have determined the type of content that you will provide and after you have determined the most important keywords that you will use. I will highlight some search tools that I advise you to use to improve traffic to your site. It will also help you determine the strength of the keywords you want to use.

I advise you to use search tools such as SEMrush. Google Keyword Planner tool. There are many alternatives to this tool. You can use any of them, but you cannot do without it. It is important in determining the strength of the keywords that you will use. You can also see through it your competitors in the same field that you are writing about.

Trust in Google Analytics

 Google Analytics is a powerful and reliable tool for analyzing data on websites and the interactions made on them. Google Analytics is based on real data based on site visitors and their behavior, providing a comprehensive and transparent view of how users use the site. Thus, trust in Google Analytics comes from its accuracy and credibility in analyzing data and providing useful feedback that can be used to improve site performance.

You must obtain reliable analyzes when it comes to testing the strength of your content’s keywords, and you can rely on this step by using Google Analytics and some other content management tools that are used to analyze data. Some of these tools analyze the keywords of your content and provide you with a complete analysis of the data for each word and tell you how strong this word is. These data and analyzes are arranged and analyzed very accurately. You can trust it without any doubt.  

Copy your competitor in an innovative way 

By copying here, I do not mean imitating the content, but to provide unique and different content, you must look at everything that your competitors offer in the same field that you offer. This step will help you learn from their mistakes and not repeat them, and at the same time collect the largest amount of information about your content. Presenting it in a different and unique way.

Also, by constantly reviewing and browsing everything that has been presented or is being presented, this will help you provide saturated and rich content that will satisfy the audience, as the audience is always searching for complete content that provides them with all the information they are looking for without resorting to any other site.

Building strong backlinks 

A backlink is one of the types of advertising campaigns where a well-known website links your site to it. This is one of the most powerful ways to improve traffic to your site. It also helps you gain Google’s trust, as a backlink indicates that your site is a high-quality resource. That is, backlinks are a process of promoting your site.
Which helps you get hyperlinks through other websites or blogs. This aims to improve traffic, gain a higher rank for your site, gain Google’s trust, and improve SEO traffic. It is preferable to link your site to famous and powerful sites so that you get stronger results.

Designed landing pages

These pages are commonly known as “landing pages” or “target pages.” These are pages specifically designed to increase content related to specific keywords, with the aim of  improving the website’s ranking  in search engines. These pages usually include elements such as the title, description, keywords, and content that relates to the targeted keywords. Landing pages are one of the most important sections of your site.

It is accessed automatically through hyperlinks that the user clicks on on other pages, which automatically take him to the page he wants to go to. You cannot underestimate this step on your site, but you must pay attention to it and pay attention to creating many landing pages on your site. The more landing pages, the more visitors to your site, and this helps you improve traffic to your site . 

Conclusion . Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that is very important for any website owner. Optimization processes help increase the site's ranking in search engine results pages. At the conclusion of today’s article, I wish all visitors to the Al-Murbah blog good luck and lasting success.