Personalize Internet Content

Personalize Internet content 

Personalize Internet Content

What is content customization

With the steady growth of the Arabic Internet, and the growth of the number of users, the supervisors of serious Arab websites began to realize the importance of personalization techniques, and it can even be said that there is pressure on the supervisors of Arab websites to adopt techniques for personalizing content, and personalizing the user experience on their sites in general, due to the importance of these technologies In strengthening the relationship of customers to the sites and thus enhancing the profitability of these sites. 

The goal in the end is to make the user happy with their experience and help them get what they want quickly, whether it is a news item, photo, book, etc. 

The amount of information on the Internet, and even within one site, is growing daily in a way that is beyond description, and whoever uses the Internet for decision-making does not want to waste time searching for information, but rather wants it to come to him with the least effort and cost possible, On e-commerce sites, users want to provide what they want first, security second, and a level of service similar to what they get in traditional stores third...  Rather, what they get in the traditional store, in addition to much more. 

For example, when you find the book you want on, the site not only provides the opinions and comments of people who have read the book, but also provides you with a list of books similar to that book and those bought by those who bought the book, and it also provides you with a list of books that may Interested based on your previous purchases, True personalization means the site's response to user behavior. 

When you are shopping in the real world and buy an incomplete item or have a problem, the store manager may give you a certain discount or may direct you to a similar item, or may order a new item for you, etc. 

On websites, there are no store managers to help you. 

The device supplied and the applications you use are the store managers. 

What advanced customization applications do is that they monitor your movements on the site, and as soon as they notice that you are interested in a page, or even an element on the page, the site will ask you, for example, if you want to customize that part of the site for your needs, or if you want to Subscribing to a certain service provided by the site related to what you are interested in, or even customizing that page without your knowledge. 

Personalization is allowing the user to change what they see of the site as per their requirements, and also allowing the site to change itself according to what site administrators think the user wants. 

There is no doubt that the clear customization of the site may be annoying to users sometimes, but the technologies are advancing quickly and are also useful in a way that avoids these inconveniences.

personalization techniques.

Here are some well-known printing techniques and styles, as well as their pros and cons, The first type of toilet is the rules-based conditional seasoning - the most easily understood and applied tuna method, In this article it is planned that you do this graphic and print, and as a chart, the price for each printer who prints from your site. 

One drawback to the conditional seasoning method is its limitations when applied, specific site. 

Which means that it means that the site code is constantly modified to suit the requirements of the institution on it. 

The third cycle The second method of unified numbering is what is known as cooperative liquidation, cooperative liquidation, or community-based collective liquidation, 17,20,27,17 Amazon site offers you to buy ecological scales, although rarely on sites such as Amazon, the scale has some wrong guesses.

 The graph in the user graph.

 It is also based on information from previous users. 

The correct information appears for its use in the correct information for its use in the original and where it appears to the future, it is meaningful or useful. 

The third method of combination is inference, which is based on learning the user's behavior based on the word you entered on the site in real time. 

Indexing displays the clicks you click and are set to get requests requests requests requests requests for more information. 

This is the method that was described for the conditions, but with one difference that we will mention later. 

Another "help" in this approach is the ability to learn user behavior. 

On the other hand, a certain pattern of the point of appearance is continuously studied under study. I signed it. It is clear that this method requires a large amount of resources compared to other methods.

 The application interface needs energies to monitor the movements of each user to the site, And when adding personal information (such as put an opponent on the desktop, time needs additional resources,  And other tastes on this style of the corresponding system. 

This table appears in the following table, We can write advantages and accompaniment style, but the first two methods, because they are not systems Learnable and relates to non-real-time response, where real-time response systems provide immediate and direct interaction with a user, viewed from providing a pre-determined reaction, Its investments are varied.

 Demographic and pre-allocation, and automatic instant assignment.