Bleeding gums during pregnancy

Bleeding gums during Pregnancy

Bleeding gums during pregnancy

              Some women develop swelling. pain and bleeding in the gums during pregnancy.

 This bleeding can be explained as follows:

         The prevalence of bleeding gums is often associated with the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. as the deposits may be related to hormonal changes during pregnancy as they make the pregnant gums more susceptible to plaque. which leads to inflammation and bleeding.

Bleeding gums during pregnancy

  •         The gums of a pregnant female can be very tender, swollen, red, touchy and greater at risk of bleeding at some point of pregnancy in particular while the tooth are flossed and brushed. This is everyday and really common. however there may be no want to worry, and it's miles feasible that the gums and tooth will go back to what they have been after childbirth.

  •         Bleeding gums in the course of pregnancy may be related to nutritional changes as pregnant ladies consume greater carbohydrates. candies and rapid meals. and those meals boom the possibilities of harm to the tooth and gums.

  •        Some women who dislike toothpaste. because they feel nauseous can damage their teeth due to lack of dental cleaning and this will damage the gums and expose them to inflammation and bleeding.

Bleeding gums during pregnancy

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