Dry hands causes and treatment methods

Dry hands causes and Treatment Methods 

Dry hands causes and treatment methods

                    Dry hands It is one of the problems that accompany its pages, and the process of washing dishes is repeated. It leads to dry hands. Nor should we remind ourselves, we should take the time to help heal our hands. Especially natural remedies that do not have any other effect.

Natural and effective recipes for treating hands

sea ​​salt:

                    which contributes to the preservation of hands. It helps in exfoliating the skin and removing toxins. It also helps the digestive and nervous system to do both, and is also beneficial for the kidneys, heart, small intestine, and bile vesicle.

Lemon juice:

                 Voting juice with its properties. Its uses are many and varied, as it contains a higher percentage of vitamin C. And ascorbic acid that helps exfoliate dead skin layers, and brightens the complexion. tanning of the hands; It makes it brighter and lighter.

Glycerin oil:

                       It works to fix its flaws and the bad effects that work in the atmosphere, and the body of sugary and alcoholic organic compounds. Derived from animal and vegetable sources, and is widely used in the cosmetic industries. and some medicines.

                     And after we put on each of the sea salt, lemon juice and glycerin oil, take a tablespoon in each one and mix them well...

Rose water:

                Components of antioxidants such as flavonoids and vitamin D. e ; a ; And the ; B3, which is included in curative and preventive prescriptions, from germs and insomnia, and it treats cracked and dry hands. And get rid of the wounds on them. It opens the dark areas on the hands. It opens pores and skin.

Coke oil:

                Or coconut oil, thanks to its availability of vitamins A and E that reap the benefits of oxidation and free radicals. It moisturizes the skin and contributes to the healing of wounds in the hands and treats dryness and roughness in them. It contributes to hiding and preventing burns by containing an anti-inflammatory.

                  And after we learned about the benefits of both rose water and coke oil, we take 3 suspensions in each of them and combine them together, then we apply the hands 3 to 4 times a day and wear plastic gloves for a better and faster result.

Dry hands causes and treatment methods